Manage Projects

MindGenius can be used to plan and manage projects of all sizes, helping you to effectively gather requirements, create a visual of project scope and automatically create Gantt chart plans.

Use MindGenius to quickly capture ideas and information during project brainstorming sessions: 
  • Can be used as an alternative to white boards & flip charts
  • The visual layout of information encourages interaction and provides clarity
  • Apply to requirements gathering, identifying project risks and problem solving activities
Project Risks map 
The MindGenius map structure is ideal for visualising the scope of your projects (WBS): 
  • Clearly see and communicate the scope of your project
  • Discover links, gaps and  insights that a linear list of tasks can't provide
  • Navigate large projects using the unique map explorer
Design Project Work Breakdown Structure with Task Cards
Automatically create Gantt charts from your MindGenius maps without re-typing any information.  
  • Switch to the integrated Gantt view
  • Assign Resources, dates and estimates
  • Sequence the project activities and add task dependencies and constraints
  • Identify project Milestones & Critical path
  • Manage under and over allocation of resources
  • MindGenius maps can also be exported  to automatically create MS Project or MS Excel plans 
MindGenius integrated Gantt View
Automatically create project reports from the data contained in your maps: 
  • Project status overview
  • Project milestones
  • Project summaries (% Complete, No. of Tasks, Chart)
  • Tasks report (Completed, Due, Overdue)
  • Critical tasks report
Automatically create Project Reports
Get Projects off to the right start 

Manage actions with MS Outlook Synchronisation  

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