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Ensure the scope of your projects are fully identified, understood and communicated as a lack of understanding and unexpected changes may lead to delays and project failure.

MindGenius mind mapping software allows you to define the scope of the project, break each deliverable down into key components and in turn break those down into more precise and manageable chunks. From this, the project team are aware of exactly what has to be accomplished. Once the Project is understood to this level, unexpected change throughout the project is less likely and the project should be delivered successfully.


  • Brainstorm key project deliverables

  • Create comprehensive work breakdown structures quickly and easily

Different map layouts help you visualize your WBS, identify gaps and produce comprehensive plans.

  • Switch to Gantt chart view to manage project activities

  • Alternatively export your work breakdown structure to MS Project

Create comprehensive work breakdown structures
Switch to Gantt chart view to manage project activites
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