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Here at MindGenius we specialise in designing and developing business productivity software that helps individuals, teams and Organisations achieve more. With an innovative outlook and ambitious plans for growth, we’re seeking to recruit top candidates and equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed and help us grow.

We’re committed to reaching new levels of innovation and progressing with our employees to advance their careers and reach their full potential.


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Development is where it all starts. This agile bunch work in a close knit and fast paced environment where collaboration and creativity is key. Their attention to detail, ingenuity and meticulous ways of working enable them to build and deploy a world-class application.

Our Sales team are the individuals who see the big picture, and can translate this to our customers and enable them to fully understand how MindGenius can solve their problems. Passionate, competitive and undoubtedly committed to helping our customers to understand the MindGenius value proposition.

Our Marketing department is compiled by a collaborative team of strategic thinkers, designers, writers and analysts. Operating in a fast-paced and demanding environment, our Marketing team strive to create and deliver engaging content and use the latest technology and marketing methodologies to reach new audiences and markets.

From the very first day, our Operations team are on hand to guide and support our customers, from implementation and throughout their use of MindGenius. Building relationships and providing expert advice, our Operations team function in a disciplined manner to provide optimum service to our customers.