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Do It! The MindGenius Way

We each contain our very own knowledge, experience and creativity. We use these attributes to tackle tasks, solve problems, make decisions, set objectives and create plans in our day-to-day roles. 

We call this “The Information Journey” – the process of applying our individual or collective knowledge, experience and creativity to a challenge in order to take us from where we are now to where we need to be – all in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

A simpler way of describing this is “from thinking to doing”.

Let’s take a look at some of the key components of this journey and how each step enables us to not only apply our knowledge, experience and creativity but also, take a look at how they each encourage and boost productivity and efficiency in the process. Check it out here

Stop Thinking & Start Doing

Thinking back to the times of using landline telephones to make a call, or pulling out a paper map to reach your destination, did we ever think these typical life habits would become defunct and archaic? Probably not. This goes to show how quickly times, and markets, have changed over the years. Everything is evolving, so much so, you need to act now. By planning efficiently and effectively you will be able to progress faster, and ultimately get started without delay.

Taken from the book ‘Just Start’, authors Charles F. Kiefer, Leonard A. Schlesinger and Paul B. Brown, discuss how to achieve your most important goals by taking action now, and learning as you go.

Just start now


We’ve given our webinars a bit of a makeover and now we have a brand spankin’ new webinar schedule for you. Our webinars aim to share knowledge on how to get the very best out of MindGenius and best of all, they’re absolutely free! What you waiting for?

Introduction to MindGenius
Thursday 3rd September
MindGenius for Managing Projects
Thursday 10th September
Projects – Planning for Success
Thursday 17th September
Brainstorming with MindGenius
Thursday 24th September

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