Effective Meetings

MindGenius empowers collaboration and communication allowing you to enhance the overall effectiveness of meetings.

  • Attendees can prepare quickly for any meeting
  • Capture the conversation and actions directly in to the map at the meeting
  • The visual layout of information encourages interaction, clarity of the situation and concensus on actions and priorities
  • Can be used in any type of meeting from activity status, to project or strategy planning and review meetings


Task cards aid reporting and task management

With MindGenius there is no need to type up information post meeting, so you can get started on actions and projects straightaway.

  • Minutes and actions can be captured during the meeting
  • Resources, target dates and priorities can be identified
  • The map maintains a status of the actions
  • Due and overdue tasks are visually identified
  • Tasks can be synchronised with attendees MS Outlook tasks
  • Updates in MS Outlook automatically feedback to the map


Gather all of the information you need into one map to create a dashboard for review


Create maps by Resource at the click of a button


Gather requirements and get projects off to the right start

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Project Management Made Easy

  • Capture plans and
    explore ideas
  • Prioritise and organise your teams' work
  • Seamless convert tasks into Gantt charts and timelines
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MindGenius - £95 +VAT

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