Mind Mapping Software for Assisted Learning

MindGenius is ideal for learners with Assisted Learning needs and can be used to support students with course work, literacy and developing strategies to cope with specific Assisted Learning difficulties.

  • the process of building a map and disseminating information can help build understanding on any topic
  • can be used to help classify information and work out the information to be included in essays and projects
  • ability to add colour and graphics aids memory recall for all students
  • good motivating tool for those who do not enjoy writing
  • allows students to see all the information in context, with words, pictures, links etc.
  • supports personalised learning to complement different learning styles

Take a look at the gallery below to view maps that have been created in Education.

Personalised Student Map Book Report Structure Visual Learners Map Low Colour Contrast Collaborative Learning Mind Mapping View Visual Study Map Revision Map Integrated Presentation View Anger Management


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Looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Project?

MindGenius - £95+VAT

MS Project - £949.99

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