Mind Mapping Software for Colleges and Universities

MindGenius helps students and lecturers improve study and research techniques, assists with creating stimulating collaborative learning sessions and helps with the management of projects.

  • aids the brainstorming process at the start of any project or piece of work
  • offers a dashboard to gather and collate research data
  • create skeletal frameworks for essays and reports and easily identify any gaps
  • helps improve memory recall for study
  • visualize stages and tasks required to successfully deliver projects
  • produce presentations, essays and reports directly from MindGenius maps
  • offers a visual focus for class discussion and encourages peer-to-peer learning
  • helps develop creative thinking skills 

Take a look at the gallery below to view maps created by students and staff in Colleges and Universities, or view our PDF which gives an overview of where MindGenius is used in Universities and Colleges along with additional sample maps.

MindGenius offers special site licensing options for Further and Higher Education institutions via EDUSERV. Visit the EDUSERV website for further information.

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