Mind Mapping Software for Students

Use MindGenius to create quick and effective study notes, undertake thorough research and comprehensively plan and manage your projects. Whether it's your dissertation or thesis, or a class project, you will be able to capture, visualize and manage all of the information you need to work with.

  • summarise a topic or a course in a visual format that helps you to build understanding 
  • improve memory recall by adding colour and pictures
  • recognise relationships between ideas
  • gives you a visual platform to collate and group information from different sources
  • recognise quickly and easily the areas you have covered and what you still need to do
  • presentations, essays and reports can be created directly from MindGenius maps

Take a look at the gallery below to view maps created by Students.

Visual Study Map Topic Map Book Report Structure Class Talk Thesis Research School Magazine Project Presentation Research Dashboard Revision Map Thesis Integrated Gantt View


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