Projects - Plan for Success

I’m sure most of us have heard the phrase “poor planning = poor performance” or “fail to plan – plan to fail” and other variations on the same theme.


What it all boils down to is that success of any plan, process, initiative, project, etc, is usually determined by the quality of the planning process.


This is particularly true and vitally important in terms of Projects. I’m sure you’ll agree that, amongst other aspects, the up-front planning stage of a project (or a series of related tasks e.g. arising out of a meeting) the “Why?” “What?” “Who?” “When?” and “How?” of the initial planning stage needs be clearly identified, effectively captured, clearly understood and well communicated.


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MindGenius German version now released


MindGenius Ltd are delighted to announce the release of the German version of its leading mind mapping software, in conjunction with Haage and Partner, their German reseller.


MindGenius German is functionally exactly the same as the English language version, and includes a wide variety of German language templates for business and education to help get users started quickly with MindGenius.


MindGenius can be used to brainstorm for innovation, and generating new ideas, plan strategies, projects, events, tasks and workload, rapidly gather project requirements and risks, and capture the conversation and actions during meetings.


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Take a bite out of MindGenius…


Continuing our series of bite sized courses… MindGenius for Project Planning


The success of Projects is largely down to the success of that crucial front-end planning stage. MindGenius provides a highly effective methodology for capturing, visualizing and structuring project requirements (WBS). This short but informative course shows you how to plan for a successful project.





Did you know... MindGenius has an integrated Gantt View?

Welcome to the first of our new “Did You Know?” Newsletter articles. This is the first of a regular series of informative, practical “bite-size” articles covering important MindGenius features and highlighting application and use.





How to...

For the first of our new series of bite-size “How To’s”, we will share knowledge and hits and tips on how to use Map Explorer.





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