July 2015


  Interactive Data


Trusted leader in financial information, Interactive Data were faced with the challenge of optimizing their project management activities and providing greater transparency of the process throughout the Organisation.


Interactive Data embarked on a journey with MindGenius in order to accomplish these objectives using a cost-effective, easy-to-use tool which synchronised well with their newly established project framework.


To discover Interactive Data’s full MindGenius experience.


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  6 Steps to Strategy 


Let’s face it, constructing a strategy is hard work, right? It doesn’t just fall into place, it takes a great amount of brainstorming, planning and strategic thinking.


At MindGenius, we understand all of this. Which is why we have created your very own 6 Step Guide to Strategy.

  Meetings with MindGenius 


Did you know you can improve the overall effectiveness of your meetings with MindGenius? Minutes and actions can be captured during the meeting, as well as allocating resources to tasks. And the best part? There’s no need to type up information post meeting, so you can get started straight away. Find out more




Have you yet to upgrade to version 6 of MindGenius? It’s never too late. With our improved features and new interface, V6 is where it’s at. Find out more about upgrading to our latest version here


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  Free Webinars!

MindGenius for Consultants - 30th July


Introduction to Project Management - 6th August


Introduction to MindGenius - 13th August


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