6 Uses for Mind Mapping in Business

Whatever your pre-conceptions, or even misconceptions, of Mind Mapping as a tool or methodology, it is now becoming truly embedded as a real value-adding approach in various aspects of planning and working throughout the business and education sectors. The added power of mind mapping software such as MindGenius has truly propelled this methodology into the all-important efficiency and productivity arenas.


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At MindGenius we could easily just sell you a software package, leave you to it and hope that you start using it to take advantage of its functions and features as soon as possible. However, with many years of experience with a diverse range of global customers, we believe that proper adoption of MindGenius is mainly about users fully understanding and appreciating what MindGenius is all about and how to apply it in their day-to-day activities to enhance their productivity and efficiency.




How to...Use Quick Filters


This “How To” guide outlines how you can apply pre-defined Filters for Tasks and Categories via the “Analyze” and “Task” Ribbons. Maps can be filtered based on properties assigned to Branches, such as Action attributes, Resources, Categories, etc.




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