Mind Mapping …for business...are you serious?

Time and time again we get asked and challenged on an age-old issue of whether or not mind mapping is , at worst, just another fad, a ”nice to have” or, at best, a real value-adding benefit that has a serious place within a business or organisation.


Since the launch of MindGenius these many years ago, we have been privileged to have hundreds of thousands of customers investing in MindGenius for a variety of reasons…


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Take a bite out of MindGenius…


Continuing our series of bite-sized courses – MindGenius for Project Scheduling and Gantt.


MindGenius has an integral Project Mode / Gantt View which enables you to automatically create a Gantt Chart from your Project Plan maps. This short but informative course show you how to schedule your Project effortlessly and intuitively within MindGenius.  


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Did you know... MindGenius integrates with MS Outlook?

Continuing our new “Did You Know?” Newsletter articles. Our regular series of informative, practical “bite-size” articles covering important MindGenius features and highlighting application and use.





How to...use Categories

For the first of our new series of bite-size “How To’s”, we will share knowledge and hits and tips on how to use Categories.


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