Get Focus and Clarity on the Map!

Brainstorming sessions, team meetings, focus groups, workshops, training sessions, planning meetings, project meetings... think of how many meetings, sessions, groups, etc, businesses and organisations hold each day, each month, throughout the year – a staggering amount I would suggest!


Is that your organisation?


Is that you – do you hold or take part in a lot of meetings?


How well planned, executed and followed up are they?


What about encouraging and promoting creativity, engagement and collaboration?


With so many meetings, all held with the best intentions and objectives I’m sure, I can’t help but think of how important it is for us all that we plan, run, manage and follow-up on our meetings as effectively and productively as possible.


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HallMark use MindGenius to make a difference


HallMark, based in Gloucestershire, UK, provide food safety and animal welfare compliance services across the UK. They strive to deliver superior performance by actively engaging stakeholders to deliver innovative and efficient solutions.


They provide a managed service to the Food Standards Agency providing Official Controls in abattoirs in Wales and Scotland and Sample Collection Services across the UK. They are also a major provider of Veterinary Reserve Personnel and Expert resources to AHVLA.


Established in 2002 the challenge was to deliver improved quality at reduced cost. Rather than short-term cost reduction, HallMark differentiated themselves by focussing on the retention and development of staff, developing well trained and supported empowered professionals who could make better more consistent decisions on site.


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Did you know... MindGenius contains Map Templates

MindGenius Version 5 includes a tile-based template gallery providing quick and easy access to a wide range of templates to get you started. Templates are time-saving tools. Use Templates to define the look and style of a Map, saving time and re-work for yourself and others.





How to...Export Tasks to, and Synchronise with, MS Outlook

Continuing with our series of bite-size “How To’s”, learn how branches can have their Task properties synchronised between MindGenius and MS Outlook.





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