MindGenius for PC

Hopefully you are already taking advantage of our free MindGenius for iPad app, and now considering our Desktop product.

Using these applications together will ensure you can extend the benefits of mapping across both PC and iPad, and map whether you are at your desk or on the move, to significantly improve the way you work.

Use MindGenius for iPad as a fast and intuitive way to think things through:
  • Explore ideas and projects
  • Take notes in meetings and seminars
  • Create quick to do lists

Use MindGenius for PC to:
  • Progress ideas and projects initiated on the iPad
  • Categorize, analyze and gain clarity on information captured
  • Develop simple action plans or fully scheduled projects
  • Communicate, present and share information
Maps created on the desktop or iPad can be easily exchanged using Dropbox or email and there is 100% compatibility between the two applications.
MindGenius has been the leading choice for mind mapping software since 2001.

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For PC

  • Fully Functional
  • Free E-Mail Support
  • No Credit Card Required
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