Key Features

Take a look at some of the key features of MindGenius that will help your teams and your business work better.

Map Creation and Navigation

  • Create a new blank map or select a template from one of the categories available in the Templates Pane, such as brainstorming, strategy planning, project management, personal productivity
  • Navigate large maps using the Map Explorer, allowing you to move quickly between the highest level and detailed views of a project



Image-2.pngSelect a Brainstorming template and capture ideas directly into the map or even use the dedicated Brainstorming mode to capture free-flowing ideas.
  • Use Type & Return. The ability to just start typing then hit the return key is simple, unique and the quickest way to capture information
  • Use the Timer to manage brainstorming sessions and keep meetings and presentations on track

Word Cloud


A word cloud will automatically build and display during brainstorming, requirements gathering and other group sessions.

Facilitators and participants will be able to quickly gauge the emerging themes.



Task Management

  • Record task details and manage to-do lists and projects from start to completion within the map
  • Use Task Cards to pin the details of tasks in view and quickly identify due and overdue actions
  • Import Resources from MS Outlook to the Resource Gallery. No need to re-enter names and email addresses. Use the Resource Dropper to quickly apply resources to tasks



Project Management

Use the Integrated Gantt View for Project Management capability within MindGenius without the need to export to other applications.

  • Switch easily between Map and Gantt views
  • Assign Resources, Dates and Estimates
  • Sequence the project activities 
  • Add Task Dependencies and Constraints
  • Create Project Reports, such as for Project Summary, Milestone Chart, Critical Path Tasks and Tasks Due



  • Share maps with colleagues and track and review their changes and comments
  • Encourage greater collaboration on projects, document authoring, brainstorming and meetings


Branch Properties


Add additional information to map branches:

  • File attachments and hyperlinks
  • Branch notes – using the notes editor
  • Pictures – from the Picture Gallery or your computer
  • Floating text boxes
  • Insert connections between branches
  • Add cost and quantities then automatically calculate the totals in the map


Cloud Storage Integration


Integrate with a range of cloud storage providers to save and open files:

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive


MS Office Integration

  • MS Word – Import and Export
  • MS Project – Import and Export
  • MS PowerPoint – Export
  • MS Excel – Export
  • MS Outlook – Import Resources
  • MS Outlook – Synchronize Tasks
  • MS Visio - Export

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