Getting Started
View our Getting Started Video to learn key MindGenius features and get started with your first map. In this video you will learn how to:
  • Create your first map
  • Add branches
  • Move branches
  • Move around and focus in on different areas of your map

What is MindGenius?
Find out how MindGenius can help you improve your personal and team productivity and help you to collaborate and communicate better on projects, strategy, brainstorming and meetings.
View our additional tutorials to start making the most of the MindGenius Brainstorming and Presentations Modes. 

Learn how to:
  • Start a brainstorming session
  • Use question sets to prompt ideas
  • Maximise the space available to record our ideas
  • Create a "question-centric" map
  • Categorise our ideas
  • Create a "category centric" map
   View Brainstorming Video

Please note this video was created using MindGenius 4. To access the brainstorming mode in MindGenius 5 & 6, please go to Tools/New Brainstorm in MindGenius.

Learn how to:

  • Convert branches into slides
  • Add images and text onto slides
  • Reposition and resize items in the slides
  • Add backgrounds and transitions
  • Present and edit your slideshow at the same time
    View Presentations Video

Please note this video was created using MindGenius 4 and there may be some differences between the way the software looks in the video and now. 

Financial Services
Learn how creating a Financial Planning Mind Map will:

  • Engage clients in the planning process
  • Create a comprehensive reference document
  • Achieve a clear understanding of how the plan works
    View Financial Planning Mind Map Video on YouTube
 View additional videos on our YouTube channel.


Project Management Made Easy

  • Capture plans and
    explore ideas
  • Prioritise and organise your teams' work
  • Seamless convert tasks into Gantt charts and timelines
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