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January 2016 In Focus
Improve your project management writing skills
Tackle information overload and achieve more
Get more out of shorter meetings
Stakeholder identification made simple
Mind Genius Web Beta
Biggerplate Annual Survey 2016
October 2014
Let's get productive!
Biggerplate Unplugged
September 2014
Think About It!
Milliken Meets Success with MindGenius
Did you know...You can Re-Structure Map Content
How to...Export to MS Word
August 2014
Improving Life Skills - The MindGenius Way
Gael Evolve with Enlighten solution!
Did you know...Branch Properties can be Formatted
How to...Use Question Sets
July 2014
Mind Mapping for Project Management
Did you know....MindGenius has a Review Mode
How to...Assign Resources to Branches
June 2014
6 Uses for Mind Mapping in Business
Did you know....MindGenius provide Training & Consultancy Services
How to...Use Quick Filters
Caught by World Cup fever on Biggerplate
May 2014
Get Focus and Clarity on the Map
HallMark use MindGenius to make a difference
Did you know....MindGenius contains Map Templates
How to...Export Tasks to, and Synchronise with, MS Outlook
April 2014
Productivity - Got It Mapped!
Did you can Link Documents and URLs to Map Branches?
How to....Assign Actions to Branches
March 2014
Mind Mapping...for business...are you serious?
Did you know....MindGenius integrates with MS Outlook?
How to....Use Categories
February 2014
Projects - Plan for Success
Did you know....MindGenius has an integrated Gantt View
How to....Use Map Explorer
January 2014
MindGenius German Now Released
MindGenius - An Objective look at Planning
St Omer Management use MindGenius to Project Plan Legislative Requirements
December 2013
Looking back on 2013 and forward planning for 2014
Management Consultant Uses MindGenius to Design Intelligent Business Software
November 2013
MindGenius Pathway to Success
October 2013
The information Journey - Knowledge, Experience and Creativity
Local support now available in New Zealand and Australia
Project Manager Today review MindGenius 5
10, 2, 6...Early project schedule
September 2013
5 Signs Your Project is in Trouble – Part 1
5 Signs Your Project is in Trouble – Part 2
Prioritizing Requirements for the Project – Part 2
Using Mind Mapping To Get Paid For Financial Planning Shadow Work
Tasks – Staying On Track
August 2013
Effective Business Report Writing
Mind Mapping the Path to Success – Dave Patrishkoff’s Story
Prioritizing Requirements for the Project – Part 1
July 2013
But What's the Latest Status?
When Egos Collide – Part 2 – Gain Respect or Replace Resources
Version 5 - "meets the highest standards"
Is Everyone a Project Manager?
When Egos Collide – Part 1 – Take Charge and Maintain Control
June 2013
Have you ever served as the project manager for that 'test' project for your organization?
Schedule First, then Budget
Making Every Second Count
MindGenius 5 Now Released
April 2013
New MindGenius Training Courses Now Available
Improving Lessons Learned Sessions with MindGenius
March 2013
WEBAUDIT now Authorised MindGenius Reseller for Brazil
How Continuing Professional Development uses MindGenius in CPD online courses
Agile Planning with MindGenius
February 2013
Using Mind Mapping to re-energise Politics
Developing Useful Organization Charts and Communication Plans in MindGenius
January 2013
Meeting Management and How MindGenius Helps
Commission V's Fee Based Working
December 2012
Managing a project visually with Microsoft Project and MindGenius
Why is Continuing Professional Development Important?
November 2012
Discovery - the key to survival for Financial Advisors
Hoshin Plans for Vision Deployment
MindGenius and Connect Distribution Join Forces to Introduce MindGenius to CEE
October 2012
Managing a Project with MindGenius Resources and Gantt Views
Jim Mather to represent MindGenius at Biggerplate Unplugged
September 2012
E3 & MindGenius Partnership
20% discount on MindGenius with CPD
August 2012
Adieu, Farewell by Gordon Wyllie
Join our Mind Mapping in Business LinkedIn Group
July 2012
6 Steps from Project Scope to Schedule with MindGenius by Andrew Makar
Management Review using MindGenius
June 2012
Tips & Tools to Manage Information Overload
Using MindGenius for Food Safety Management
May 2012
MindGenius for iPad top rated mind mapping app
April 2012
Short and to the Point: Branch Names
Sharing Complex Book Ideas in Map Format –Biographies
March 2012
Ask Gordon - Biggest Benefit of MindGenius
Sharing Complex Book Ideas in Map Format
February 2012
5 Top Tips for Effective Meetings
Client Development Update
MindGenius Takes on Africa with the help of Tech Africa
January 2012
Intellectual Harvesting with MindGenius