Think About It!

There are many skills a person requires to be successful in their business life. It is hard to decide which skills are more important than others, but one could argue that it depends on each individual, their job role, aims, goals and other personal and situational factors.


However, I am sure that we would all agree that one of the most important skills, one which is inbuilt into our very being from the moment we’re born is thinking skills.


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Mind Mapping Software for Studying

What is a Mind Map?

A Mind Map is a graphical, visual, mapped representation of ideas, knowledge and information. It enables you to think and organise your ideas in highly visual, creative and engaging way. Typically, the layout is hierarchical, starting with a central idea or topic and all associated ideas connected and radiating out from the centre.




Milliken Meets Success with MindGenius


At MindGenius we believe our mind mapping software provides the perfect platform to plan and manage projects effectively and efficiently. Utilising features such as GANTT chart allows those in project management to gain full visibility of projects at any given time and can have great impact on the success of a project.

Don’t just take our word for it, global manufacturer Milliken & Company implemented MindGenius within their Chemical Division and were amazed by the results.





Did you know...You can Re-Structure Map Content


In most cases, after we have captured and mapped a mass of ideas, knowledge and information, we need to re-structure our map in order to aid understanding and bring focus and clarity to the exercise (e.g. we may need to clarify areas of complexity; we may need to prioritise; or we may need to reach decisions and outcomes).

Re-structuring of a map is achieved by moving branches either in order or sequence within the same level, or moving into different levels and parent/child relationships.





How to...Export to MS Word


MindGenius provides the ability to export a Map to MS Word. This function is particularly useful when preparing a document, article, briefing, report or assignment. This “How To” Guide outlines how you can set up and use the Export to MS Word function…






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