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MindGenius helps organisations deploy in a large scale environment. Both our pricing and deployment models support large scale implementations.
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Benefits of tiered licensing model:
  • significantly reduces the cost per seat in large scale deployments 
  • delivery is a single license key enabling the application to be packaged up and scripted for deployment across multiple desktops, reducing the cost of deployment
MindGenius Maintenance
As part of your large scale quote, MindGenius will also provide you a quote for MindGenius Maintenance.
MindGenius Maintenance is a fixed annual subscription to MindGenius to ensure that your software investment is upgrade protected during the term of the maintenance.

MindGenius delivers against a regular product release cycle. Through subscribing to MindGenius Maintenance, organisations can be sure to have the latest release of MindGenius at all times without incurring further unbudgeted expenses.

Maintenance packages now also include:
  • Free Annual customer Service review by a MindGenius consultant – to provide advice, assistance and support to help with proper use, adoption and ensure measurable ROI
The large scale deployment model also covers schools, colleges and universities with preferential Academic pricing. Find out more on Academic Pricing.


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