Support Download Section

Product Version
MindGenius 6 Version 6.00
MindGenius 5 Version 5.10
MindGenius 5 Viewer Version 5.10
MindGenius Business 4 Version 4.30
MindGenius Education 4 Version 4.30
Note: Downloads for Version 6.00 and newer are 14 day trial versions, Version 5.10 and earlier are 30 day trial versions.
MindGenius Versions 5 and 6 are for users in both Business and Education.
Updating from an earlier version of MindGenius 5
Reinstall after reformatting your PC or moving MindGenius to a new PC;
  • Download the latest trial version 
  • No need to uninstall
  • An upgrade will be performed
  • Your product will still be activated
  • Download the required version
  • Perform the installation
  • Re-register using your original codes

For older versions go to the Download Archive.

Note: Support for Version 2 expired on 30th June 2011.
Support for Version 3 expired on 29th June 2015.
Support for Version 4 expired on 11th July 2016.