Upgrade to V6

If you’re upgrading from Version 5 of MindGenius, then you may have noticed we’ve made a few changes. But don’t panic, we haven’t taken anything away. We’ve just made MindGenius Version 6 bigger and better. For upgrades, please check out our pricing page

So what's new in version 6?

  In-place editing

Say goodbye to the ‘Add branch’ dialogue as the new branch style and in-place editing makes the data capture and map building process much simpler. We’ve also added in-place spell checking.

  Map Explorer modes

We’ve taken our unique map explorer feature and made it better. Version 6 introduces a new ‘pan’ mode to the map explorer that was first introduced in the MindGenius iPad app. Our customers loved it, so we've added it to the desktop version.

  Cloud Storage Integration

Integration with a range of cloud storage providers will allow users to save and open files in Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive directly from MindGenius.

MindGenius Web

A cloud version of MindGenius is currently being developed. It will be compatible with, and complement, Version 6 desktop version and will give you the ability to collaborate with multiple users remotely.

Project Management

Those who manage tasks and projects will benefit from new cost and quantity calculations, the ability to customise the Gantt chart and additional project resourcing capabilities.

Costs and Quantities

Totals of costs and quantities can be automatically calculated from within areas of a map.

Word Cloud

A word cloud will automatically build and display during brainstorming, requirements gathering and other group sessions. Facilitators and participants will be able to quickly gauge the emerging themes.




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