Mind Mapping Made Easy With MindGenius

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MindGenius is an intuitive mind mapping tool designed to bring simplicity and clarity to project planning

Quickly kick-start projects, gather requirements and gain buy-in with a visual planning tool that encourages interaction and brings clarity to project planning.

Seamlessly translate ideas and requirements into actionable and adaptable project plans, driving momentum through the project scoping and planning stages.

Manage, monitor and control projects with visibility and flexibility, while integrating with your existing tools and processes.

The project management office was able to more easily identify, plan and structure how to run projects… MindGenius provided non-trained projects managers an easy-to-adopt visual way to understand and manage projects.

Monica A. Lussier
Director Strategic Platform Management, Interactive Data

MindGenius is ideal for going through an initial creative stage and then being able to easily move into the action planning and project management stages.

John Gerard
Managing Director of HallMark

By using MindGenius, associates could quickly and easily work through the planning process of brainstorming project deliverables and activities, creating a work breakdown structure, assigning resources and scheduling by creating a GANTT chart.

Doug Grindle
PMO Director, Milliken & Co.

MindGenius is mind mapping software that will revolutionise how you successfully plan your projects.

Here’s how it works…

Capture Your Ideas in a Mind Map

Use MindGenius to quickly capture ideas and information during project planning sessions:

  • Gather requirements and expectations
  • Brainstorm ideas and risks
  • The mind map layout encourages interaction and provides clarity

Organise & analyse

The MindGenius mind map structure is ideal for visualising and communicating the scope of your projects:

  • Reorganise to understand relationships and common themes
  • Sort and prioritise what is important
  • Discover links, gaps and insights that a linear list of tasks can't provide
converting mind map into Gantt chart

Create actionable plans

Transform your map into a plan of action.

  • Automatically create Gantt charts without re-typing any information
  • Add vital information, such as resources and timescales
  • Sequence the project activities adding dependencies and constraints
  • Identify project milestones and the critical path

Work with other tools

MindGenius ties in seamlessly with other applications you use, from Word to PowerPoint and Project. It’s easy to export the data within your map. But if you want to manage your whole project in MindGenius, you can do that too.


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