MindGenius Desktop

Capture your ideas, visualise information, plan projects, manage tasks and share knowledge using MindGenius.

With a simple user interface and intuitive mind mapping functionality at its core, MindGenius provides an effective way to brainstorm, plan, manage and become more productive. 
Why MindGenius?
Designed specifically to match the demands of business users, MindGenius’ key features aim to tackle the business challenges you face every day.

Capture information and ideas
  • Facilitate idea generation with the unique brainstorming mode
  • Rapidly gather project requirements and manage risk
  • Effectively plan strategies, projects, tasks and workload
  • Fully capture all conversations and subsequent actions during meetings
Plan and visualise
  • Identify gaps within your information through the visual mind mapping interface
  • Re-structure, filter and prioritise information easily for a greater level of clarity
  • Stay focussed and move faster during the project planning process
Create and manage
  • Stay in control by managing projects from initiation through to completion
  • Assign resources to tasks to ensure overall transparency for you and your team
  • Enhance collaboration through the delivery of effective meetings

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Project Management Made Easy

  • Capture plans and
    explore ideas
  • Prioritise and organise your teams' work
  • Seamless convert tasks into Gantt charts and timelines
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Looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Project?

MindGenius - £95 +VAT

MS Project - £949.99

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