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MindGenius 20 has 2 licensing models –
Subscription and Perpetual.

Choose the plan that best suits you

Subscription – Latest version of MindGenius 20 and MindGenius Online (with an annual renewal fee). 

Perpetual – one-off purchase of latest software and free 12-month access to MindGenius Online.

MindGenius Online – available as a package with MindGenius 20, or as a monthly/yearly subscription. 

£12Inc. VAT




£120Inc. VAT


MindGenius Online is an in-product purchase, please register for a trial and follow the instructions to purchase.


First Year
£60inc. VAT
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Year Two Onwards
£42Inc. VAT


Includes FREE registration to MindGenius Online and upgrades to all future releases of MindGenius.
£120Inc VAT
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Includes 12 months FREE registration to MindGenius Online. Year 2 onwards MindGenius Online can be renewed for £42.