Everything works out
better when you start
with a mind map.

No Credit Card Required.

Mind mapping ignites creativity and empowers brainstorming.

Mind mapping organizes brainstorming into an engaging graphical view, for greater comprehension and clarity — so you can convert ideas into outcomes.  

Whether for project management or a host of other uses, MindGenius mind mapping helps you create, collaborate, and succeed.

Our Two Mind Mapping Tools

Which one is right for you?

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Cloud-based mind mapping, project management and remote collaboration

Windows desktop mind mapping and complete project management

Conferences work out better
Meetings work out better
Your new business works out better
Your screenplay works out better
Your dissertation works out better

How MindGenius enables successful projects

Project management can be complicated. MindGenius makes it simpler, yet more complete.

We start with something that most project management software skips over: Laying out a foundation of information, objectives, and constraints for your project.

We make this critical up-front process simple.

Then MindGenius makes it easy to:

  • Assign resources
  • Set durations and dependencies
  • Review progress
  • Keep your plan updated.
Mind Map: Brainstorm, then organize
Timeline: Set and review timing
TaskBoard: Manage tasks your way
Dashboard: See all tasks across all your projects
Reports: Gain insights across all your projects

Success Stories

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