MindGenius Education

The strength of MindGenius is in capturing ideas either individually or in class to create a visual

representation of the information. Visualizing ideas in this way helps to build understanding on

any topic and is a good basis for essay and report frameworks. 

MindGenius In Education
MindGenius is tried and tested in Education by both students, teachers and lecturers and is ideal for:
  • Note taking
  • Reports
  • Dissertation Planning & Writing 
  • Research
  • Studying and Exam Preparation
  • Projects
  • Lesson Planning
  • Assisted Learning

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Whether it's your dissertation or thesis, or a class project, you will be able to capture, visualise and manage all of the information you need to work with. Create quick and effective study notes, undertake thorough research and comprehensively plan and manage your studies:

  • Visually summarise a topic or a course to build      understanding 
  • Improve memory recall by adding colour and pictures
  • Recognise relationships and associations in your information
  • Collate and group information from different sources
  • Recognise quickly and easily the areas you have covered and what you still need to do
  • Create presentations, essays and reports directly from MindGenius maps

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Schools, Colleges and Universities
MindGenius can be used throughout your school, college or university for lesson planning, collaborative learning sessions and to help manage all tasks and projects.

  • Keep students motivated and involved in class discussion by creating a visual focus
  • Gather and organise information generated in class and use as hand-outs or study guides
  • Produce and refine lesson plans
  • Helps students develop creative thinking skills
  • Create presentations, essays and reports directly from MindGenius maps
  • Develops creative thinking skills

Site licensing options are available for Further and Higher Education institutions through Eduserv.



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Assisted Learning
MindGenius is ideal for learners with Assisted Learning needs and can be used to support students with course work, literacy and developing strategies to cope with specific Assisted Learning difficulties.
● the process of building a map and disseminating

   information can help build understanding on any

● can be used to help classify information and work

   out the information to be included in essays and

● ability to add colour and graphics aids memory

   recall for all students
● good motivating tool for those who do not enjoy 

● allows students to see all the information in

   context, with words, pictures and links
● supports personalised learning to complement

   different learning styles
● Aids understanding for anyone with dyslexia

   through the use of images, colours and symbols


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