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Task Management Software.

Plan, Schedule and Deliver your Tasks like never before.

Task Management from Three Different Perspectives:

Task Planning:

Start a Mind Map to develop your understanding of the challenge ahead and plan the way forward.

Schedule tasks, dependencies, start dates, durations and assign resources.


Timeline View

Manage progress, status and critical path as well as identifying bottlenecks and any risks to your schedule.

View what needs done, in what order, how long it will take, who is doing it and when is it complete?

Learn more about this in our Task Management Guide

Task Action Management:

Manage Work In Progress with a Task Board that reflects your work processes as column headers and physically move task cards along as each step is complete. 

Tasks can be managed individually or as sub-tasks of a larger group of activities. The Task Card covers are used to heighten engagement.

Filter the board to hide complete tasks and only view what is in progress.

task board

Oversight and Reporting

Keep on top of your own tasks:

Your Personal Workspace includes all outstanding tasks across all of your projects in one place.

Quickly highlight priorities, what’s next to focus on and any delays. Sort by project, status, due date or title.

 Outstanding Tasks:

Direct access to the outstanding actions of everyone in your team.

View as a List or Timeline to allocate resources or to balance workload. You can sort by Project, Status, Start date or Due date.

Any new tasks or updates added here will automatically be reflected in related maps, timelines and taskboards.

The Activity Log provides a complete audit trail of all additions, edits and deletes within the application.

The log shows the signed in user, the exact time and date and summarises the action taken.

Activity logs are typically viewed at a Project level but can display all activities across all projects you are associated with.

Task Collaboration

Each map branch and task card provides the capability to instigate conversation with others around a subject.

This allows quick clarification with colleagues and importantly the message guides them in one click to the exact area you need their opinion on.

Built-in chat is a quick way to engage others in what you are working on.

The comments made are retained within the branch or task card, making it easier to refer back to information at a later date, so avoiding having to trawl through hundreds of emails. 

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