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"MindGenius Online has a lot of mindmapping capabilities that are applicable to project management. It has several smart features that improve overall usability including the Map Explorer and the ability to create a new node just by typing."

Andy MacDonald

Senior Director, Corporate, Marketing & Sales Systems, Quality and IT PMO Automotive, United Kingdom

"I like the product’s ability to help me summarize non-fiction books and to do so such that I can clearly identify and remember their core messages and re-read them at any later time in just a few minutes."

Kerr Smith

Consultant in Architecture & Planning

"What I like best about MindGenius Online is that it enhances our understanding and knowledge about visuals. The tool is good at connecting ideas and information by maps."

Harry Matthews

User in Hospitality and Healthcare Industry, United Kingdom

"MindGenius Online has struck the right balance between complexity and practicality."

Richard Hamilton

Small business owner, Iowa, USA

"MindGenius Online makes it easy to take the randomness of some meetings and turn it into a meaningful project process."

Cara Pearson

MindGenius user in the Oil & Energy Industry

"Being a Mac user, the capacity to get to the product through an Internet browser implies I can work whenever without requiring my organizer and so forth to complete stuff."

Emilia-Kate Robson

Marketing and communications

"I love MindGenius Online. It's my favourite way of managing my work and that of my team."

Laura Ballard

Quality Compliance Specialist, Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

“MindGenius Online naturally lends itself to collaboration. It’s now the only task management tool I use.”

Peter Mcullagh

Engineering Manager, Helix Energy Solutions, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

“MindGenius Online is invaluable — my ‘go to’ tool for planning and running sessions with my clients."

Andrew McGee

Business Development Manager, Medicity Innovation Labs, Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Mindmapping helped to engage staff at every level of the organisation. They could clearly see the plan take shape and could see their own contribution rather than feeling constrained and overwhelmed by the linear format of traditional project management tools.”

Sharon Driver

Managing Director and Founder, GSD Evolve Ltd., Prestwick, United Kingdom

“MindGenius Online was invaluable in helping me identify the activities to meet strategic objectives and set milestones and deadlines. The mapping component helped to engage our board of directors — as they could clearly see the plan."

Andy Wynd

CEO, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland, Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Once you get into using MindGenius Online, you actually start to realise just how much time and stress it saves you."

Cailean Maciver

Business student,  Newcastle University, Newcastle, United Kingdom

“The friendly user interface and smooth information capture allowed us to gather, structure and prioritise what needed to be done and allowed us to quickly get on with it."

Louis Maciver

Co-founder, Tech Mobile, Stornoway, United Kingdom

“In MindGenius Online, it’s simple for me to take notes as the lecture is going on. I use the intended learning outcomes for each lecture as the template for my map, and then as the lecturer talks I can place the key statements linked in with the learning outcomes.”

Dr. Brooke Marron

University Hospital Hairmyres, Glasgow, United Kingdom. The comments were written while Dr. Marron was a fourth-year student at Glasgow University, preparing for her career in medicine.  

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