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  • Organize and visualize your Information
  • Better memory recall and time management
  • WCAG and Section 508 compliant.


Accessible to All

At MindGenius, we pride ourselves on catering to as many Nuerodiverse users as we can. We have a range of key benefits that help many nuerodiverse users:

  • Keyboard-only shortcuts to capture ideas in real time.
  • MindMap, Taskboard or Timeline view.
  • Branch Focus helps eliminate distractions
  • Personalized backgrounds for Taskboard and MindMap

How We Help Dyslexic Users


An estimated 10 percent of people have a form of dyslexia. For Dyslexic users, mind mapping can be a great way to process information visually. MindGenius has some great benefits for Dyslexic users:

  • Visual workspace for all your thoughts and ideas.
  • Structure your best ideas and turn them into actions.
  • Drag and drop tasks to manage your workload better.
  • Personalized backgrounds for Taskboard and MindMap
An image presenting a mind map illustrating a SWOT analysis. The mind map branches into four main sections representing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Under each section, there are further branches detailing specific aspects related to the analysis. Strengths and Weaknesses focus on internal factors, such as resources, capabilities, and areas for improvement. Opportunities and Threats cover external factors, including market trends, competition, and potential risks. The mind map offers a visual representation of the strategic analysis, aiding in identifying key areas of focus and informing decision-making processes.
An image depicting a concept mind map. The mind map includes various branches outlining key elements such as major ideas and guidance instructions

How We Help ASD Users

Autism Spectrum Disorders

For many with ASD, mind mapping can be a useful tool to help understand, remember and communciate their ideas. MindGenius can be particularly useful for students or working professionals with ASD:

  • MindMap, Taskboard or Timeline view.
  • Apply date, time and priority information to branches.
  • Branch focus and linked maps stores your work together.
  • Task management using Dashboard or Taskboard
  • Categorization of information using color.

How We Help ADHD Users

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Mind mapping helps those with ADHD by limiting distractions and seperating your information into smaller, more manageable chunks to improve focus and memory retention. MindGenius helps you stay on track and keep on top of deadlines.

  • Branch Focus helps eliminate distractions
  • Capture keywords quickly using shortcuts (type & return)
  • Create colorful branches to engage with your ideas.
  • Personalized backgrounds for Taskboard and MindMap
An image to outline the latest updates to MindGenius Online in Feb 2023 - Allow Freemium users to view public maps. Timeline legend moved to help system Re-instated saving indicator for better user visibility. Improvements in DB efficiency. Public Projects tasks available past 3 months. Cut and paste speed and reliability improved.

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