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Organize ideas visually across mind maps, task boards, timelines and more.

Use mindmaps to make mental connections and learn more, faster.

Organize your information into manageable sections of information

Use our intuitive drag and drop function to make your life easier

Approved by the British Dyslexia Assocation


The difference we make​

Visual learning helps people learn, create, communicate, and retain knowledge better.

Mindmapping uses shapes, colors, and a graphical outline organization that are especially useful for people with dyslexia.


More than just mindmapping

We provide varioius tools that enhance the processes of creating, organizing, planning, and collaborating.

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Want to know more about neurodiversity? ​

An estimated 10 percent of people have a form of dyslexia, and dyslexia has often been viewed as a disability. But with appropriate support, dyslexia can be a positive trait that enhances intelligence, imagination, curiosity, and intuition.

For more information, check out the British Dyslexia Association website.

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