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Managing Resources

See the Bigger Picture

With a clear overview of resource availability and project requirements, you can optimize resource utilization and avoid resource conflicts. 

  • Identify the most important areas to your organization.
  • Prioritize key areas based on their importance.
  • Provides a clear overview of your resource allocation.
  • Get feedback on resource allocation through collaborating.

Collaborative Mind Mapping

Manage your mind maps and projects together in real time.

Available on ANY device

Use MindGenius Online wherever you go.

Oversee Multiple Projects

Manage multiple projects instantly using the Dashboard.

Task Management & Reports

Create, manage and delegate tasks to your team.

Visual Organization

Streamline Resources with Ease

We make it easy to see how different resources are related and how they fit together. This can be especially helpful when dealing with complex projects that involve multiple resources.

  • Use External Resources to plan every inch of your project.
  • Break down larger projects into small, manageable tasks.
  • Easily link related resources together to see how different pieces of information fit together.

Resource Allocation

Efficiently Allocating Resources

Using Organization Admin will provide you with a clear overview of your resource allocation so you can have full oversight over your team.

  • Use external resources to view and allocate all external resources at your disposal.
  • Save time by having one centralized space to view your resources.

Managing Resources

Maximize Your Potential, Optimize Your Resources

We make it easy to manage resources by allowing you to see the big picture while also focusing on the details, making it easier to stay organized and on track.

  • Managing resources across a large team through collaboration.
  • Save time and costs by having all your resources laid out in front of you.

Improve your productivity, communication and creativity in one place.

We help organizations to better plan, execute, and track projects, leading to improved results and increased success rates.