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Innovation Through Brainstorming

With the ability to visualize ideas in real-time, you can generate new insights & identify creative solutions to complex problems. 

  • Create visual representations of complex ideas.
  • Real-time collaboration for group brainstorming.
  • Structure your best ideas and turn them into actions.

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An image to outline the latest updates to MindGenius Online in Feb 2023 - Allow Freemium users to view public maps. Timeline legend moved to help system Re-instated saving indicator for better user visibility. Improvements in DB efficiency. Public Projects tasks available past 3 months. Cut and paste speed and reliability improved.


Create a Visual Masterpiece

Create visually engaging representations of your ideas and thoughts, which can help see connections between different ideas & organize them in a way that makes sense.

  • Provides a canvas for generating new ideas.
  • Use the MindMap to structure all your ideas in one place.
  • Customize your maps to stay focused for longer.
  • Use color & imagery to reflect different concepts and ideas

Collaboration & Communication

Collaborate Together for Success

 We facilitate real-time collaboration with others, making it a great tool for group brainstorming sessions wherever you are.

  • Access through any device with a browser.
  • Use @Chat to talk with your team inside the map.
  • Available to download on MS Teams.

Structure Ideas into Tasks

Transform Your Ideas into Actions

See patterns and connections that might not be apparent in traditional text-based formats, and help you think more creatively and collaboratively.

  • Canvas for generating new ideas.
  • Structure all your ideas in one place.
  • Customize your maps to stay focused.
  • Use color & imagery for different concepts & ideas.

Improve your productivity, communication and creativity in one place.

We help organizations to better plan, execute, and track projects, leading to improved results and increased success rates.