Solution Finder

MindGenius helps your team collaborate, think objectively and increase productivity during brainstorming.

Solution Finder uses guided Brainstorming — a series of targeted questions —
to help you and your team reach the best decisions about virtually any problem, challenge, or project.

How Solution Finder Enables Better Decisions​

You can configure a Solution Finder session to fit your needs. Usually a session includes:

  • Establishing important facts about the subject.
  • Brainstorming alternate ways of solving the problem, meeting the challenge, or planning the project.
  • Considering worst-case scenarios.
  • Inviting team members to share their feelings about the subject – which can often affect the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • Brainstorming the first actions you need to take to solve a problem, meet a challenge, or begin a project.
Results: Better Decisions​

Solution Finder doesn’t produce a mind map, but you can quickly convert the results of your brainstorming into a mind map and extend it in any way you want. ​

Solution Finder guides your team to think more creatively, focus on the most important things, and reach successful outcomes. It doesn’t make decisions for you. But it enhances your focus and creative thinking, provokes insights, and increases the likelihood of better decisions. ​

Let us show you how MindGenius improves your decision making​