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Using MindGenius as a Team

Create. Collaborate. Succeed.

At MindGenius, we provide a real-time platform for you and your team to achieve results faster.

  • Organization and visualizing information.
  • Brainstorming and ideation.
  • Planning and task management.
  • Communication and collaboration.
  • Problem solving and decision making.

Why Should Your Team Use
MindGenius Online?

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Brainstorming and Idea Generation

Unleash Your Creativity

MindGenius enables you to capture & organize ideas quickly and efficiently. By visualizing & manipulating ideas in real-time, you can generate & identify creative solutions to complex problems. 

  • Arranging ideas visually in a hierarchical structure enables users to see the bigger picture and topic relationships.
  • Map Navigator breaks down complex subjects into smaller components to help focus on, simplify and clarify information. 
  • Helicopter views of components allow for easier analysis and understanding of intricate concepts.  

True Collaboration

Working Together. Always.

MindGenius Online has some great collaboration features to bring your team together and achieve your goals. 

  • @chat lets you mention others in your team and tag them in important tasks or branches.
  • Use Notes to add and communicate important information to your team.
  • Map History lets you see who has done what in your project.

Project Planning

Transform Ideas into Actions

Collaborate and build total alignment on your project by assigning tasks, adding comments and uploading documents.

  • Work collaboratively, fostering teamwork and ensuring that everyone is aligned with a unified approach to achieving organizational objectives. 
  • Create a clear hierarchy of priorities, ensuring everyone knows what needs to be accomplished and in what order.
  • Analyze what worked and what didn’t, encouraging continuous improvement of processes and strategies

Need More Information?

If you’d like to find out more about using MindGenius Online within your team, check out our blog post or enquire about a team trial by booking a demo with a member of our team below.