CEO's & Executives

Providing the power to achieve your strategic goals & objectives.

  • Comprehensive view of project performance.
  • Effective resource allocation.
  • Encourages collaboration with your team.
  • Save time and costs.
  • Improves risk management & decision making.

Collaborative Mind Mapping

Manage your mind maps and projects together in real time.

Available on ANY device.

Use MindGenius Online wherever you go.

Oversee Multiple Projects

Manage multiple projects instantly using the Dashboard.

Task Management & Reports

Create, manage and delegate tasks to your team.

Project Performance

See everything at a glance

With real-time updates & reports, executives can monitor project performance & make informed decisions. Identify potential issues early on, allocate resources effectively & adjust plans to keep projects on track. 

  • Use the Dashboard to manage multiple projects at once.
  • Data driven insights & analytics through Reports.

Resource Allocation

Efficiently Allocating Resources

By providing a clear overview of resource availability and project requirements, CEO’s & executives can optimize resource utilization and avoid resource conflicts. Allocate personnel, finances, and equipment effectively, ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time.

  • Use external resources to view and allocate all external resources at your disposal.
  • Save time by having one centralized space to view your resources.

Collaborative Features

Collaboration at the highest level.

MindGenius provides executives with a powerful tool to collaborate with team members, departments & stakeholders. Communicate with team members and stakeholders, track progress, and resolve issues quickly.

  • Visual workspace for all your thoughts and ideas.
  • Structure your best ideas and turn them into actions.
  • Use Dashboards to oversee outstanding tasks
  • @Chat feature lets you talk with your team inside the map.
  • Available to download on MS Teams for true collaboration.

Save Time & Costs

Efficiency at your Fingertips

By automating repetitive tasks, such as reporting and data entry, MindGenius reduces the time and effort required to manage projects effectively. It helps to avoid project delays, which can lead to additional expenses.

  • No need to sift through large amounts of information.
  • Collaborate with your team and work simultaneously.
  • Speed up the learning process.
  • Reduces the need for physical resources.
  • Quick & easy way to brainstorm ideas and solutions

Make Decisions & Manage Risks

Make informed decisions.

By identifying and managing risks proactively, CEO’s & Executives can reduce the likelihood of project failure and minimize potential losses.

  • Identify and prioritize risks by likelyhood of occurence.
  • Facilitates idea generation to explore all potential options.
  • Map out decision criteria then evaluate your options.
  • Easy for decision makers to understand consequences.
  • Ensures all stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process.

Improve your productivity, communication and creativity in one place.

We help organizations to better plan, execute, and track projects, leading to improved results and increased success rates.