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Project Schedule Management

During the project schedule management process, the project manager will take the details of the work breakdown structure and apply timings to complete each task. Dependencies will also be taken into account where a task must be complete before a related one can start.

This process provides a total estimate on how long the project will take to complete.

Project Schedule Management mind map template

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1.0 Project Schedule Management

    1.1 Plan Schedule Management – the process of establishing the policies, procedures and                              documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing and controlling the project                        schedule

    1.2 Define Activities – the process of identifying and documenting the specific actions to be                            performed to produce the project deliverables

    1.3 Sequence Activities – the process of identifying and documenting relationships among the project            activities

    1.4 Estimate Activity Durations – the process of estimating the number of work periods needed to                complete individual activities with estimated resources

    1.5 Develop Schedules – the process of analysing activity sequences, durations, resource                              requirements, and schedule constraints to create the project schedule model for project                          executions and monitoring and control

    1.6 Control Schedule – the process of monitoring the status of the project to update the project                    schedule and manage changes to the schedule baseline