About Us

MindGenius Online

Our Story, Our Values, Our Mission.

How We Started

MindGenius is a Scottish based software development company that was spun out of Gael Ltd in 2007.

Our MindGenius product has been developed with purpose to deliver the right functionality and capability to deliver really helpful end to end processes that allow individuals and team to do things better, quicker and cheaper.

Our 4 Elements

  • A collaborate workspace based around the core principles of MindMapping that allows you to easily capture and develop ideas.
  • Key functionality that allows you to categorise, view and filter information to let you focus on what is important.
  • A seamless transition from ideas to action, with all the functionality you need to prioritise what to do, when and who’s doing what.
  • Kanban Taskboard views, Timelines,  Reports and Dashboards for Visual thinkers with alternate user defined List views to support linear thinkers. 

Everything is designed to provide all the capability you will ever need to see your ideas / projects / needs through to conclusion.

Our Values

MindGenius helps you transform your thoughts and ideas into actions.

You can start with a blank canvas, however there are hundreds of Public Maps and templates freely available to help you take advantage of how others have tackled similar projects, and they’re all free of charge. 

We provide a real-time platform for you and your team to achieve results faster.

We help people and organizations around the world successfully complete projects without losing work or missing deadlines.