About Us

The Project Management Lifecycle

There are 6 key stages to effective Project Management:

  • Understanding Objectives
  • Gathering Requirements
  • Agreeing Scope
  • Creating a Delivery Plan
  • Delivering the Project
  • Monitoring & reviewing Progress

Each stage has other demands as shown by the less dominant cogs in the diagram at the top of the page:

  • Business Case Alignment, Project Start-Up Agreement, Brainstorming, Work Breakdown Structures
  • Stakeholder, Risk & Meeting Management
  • Task Management, Problem Solving, Change Management
  • Retrospectives

The Value of Our Solutions

Our products, Barvas and MindGenius Desktop provide the ability to:

  • Clarify what needs to be delivered
  • Plan how and when
  • Deliver successful projects

And the capability to help

  • An organisation understand itself and how it is performing
  • Make the right strategic decisions
  • Simplify complex processes and situations
  • Maintain alignment with strategic objectives
  • Gain consensus on best way forward
  • Eliminate unwanted surprises during project delivery

The Marketplace Our Products Fit In

  • There are many competitive Project Management solutions in the marketplace
  • They range from simple low cost solutions to complex and expensive solutions managing huge projects
  • Barvas is optimised to support team of 10 or less to deliver multiple projects simultaneously in a team environment where online collaboration and sharing of plans is required
  • MindGenius Desktop is a standalone Desktop solution ideal for teams but where the key documents are maintained and controlled by a single project manager


  • Large projects are typically broken down into smaller projects
  • Smaller projects are typically delivered by teams of 8-10 people
  • The Project Management solutions for managing large projects are typically too complex and too expensive for the teams delivering the multiple small projects that collectively are the project