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How to Improve Studying for Students

What MindGenius
can do for you

Lead more productive meetings

Make every meeting focused and effective. Use MindGenius to create a meeting agenda.   

You can even make a template for every meeting’s agenda.

Jump start your next writing project

Get past writer’s block with free-form brainstorming.

Then pull together your ideas and information into a logical structure for your report, dissertation, thesis, or book.

Plan an event

With MindGenius, you can bring together the objectives, tasks, budget, and other information you need for planning a major event.

Start with free-form brainstorming. End up with a  detailed project plan.

Take better notes

Our cognitive power tools are perfect for students who want to get the most out of every class.

A mindmap makes information, insights, and knowledge relationships visual — and so more likely to be remembered.

Plan your vacation, your wedding

Personal projects are perfect for quick plans with MindGenius. Put in as much or little detail as you need.

Start with a completely free-form mindmap. Then organise and prioritise. 

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