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Financial Planning Mind Map

Financial Planning is an evaluation of an individuals or a company’s current and future financial position. Use this mind map template to cover every aspect of your financial planning. 

Financial Planning mind map image
1. Business Family Investment
    1.1. Cash Commitments Outstanding
    1.2. Ownership %’s
2. Business Family Insurance Trust
3. Communication 
    3.1. Statements
    3.2. 30/90 day call
    3.3. Agency Contacts:
4. Family Education 
5. Philanthropic 
    5.1. Foundation
6. Reviews
    6.1. Quarter
    6.2. Annual
    6.3. Compliance
    6.4. Market/Economic Overview
7. Risk Management 
    7.1. Life
    7.2. Disability
    7.3. Long term care
    7.4. Property
8. Tax 
    8.1. IRA’s Minimum Distributions
    8.2. Family LP
    8.3. Tax returns
    8.4. Tax projection

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