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Changing the Default Paper Size or Page Layout

The paper size and page layout displayed by default when you come to print is stored within the default template.

In order to change the default paper size it’s necessary to update the default template or create your own. On most systems users do not have access rights to update the default template therefore what follows are instructions to create your own new template (Everything will be the same as your current default bar the paper size).

To create a new template:

  1. Create a new map (Don’t add any content)
  2. Open the application menu by clicking the “File” button on the top-left of the screen, expand the “Print” menu and select “Page Setup”
  3. Change the paper size and click “OK”
  4. Open the application menu again, expand the “Save As” menu and click “MindGenius Template”
  5. Choose a safe location for your template and click “Save”
  6. Switch to the “Tools” tab and click the “Options” button
  7. With the “Options” dialog open switch to the “Display” tab and click the […] button next to the “Current Default Template” field
  8. Browse for the template you created above and click “Open”
  9. Click “OK”
  10. You will now find when you create a new map MindGenius will use your new template with your updated paper size