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Installing MindGenius on Two PC's

We know from experience that when people start using MindGenius they want it available to them all the time – at home and on their laptop.

To facilitate this, for each copy of MindGenius Business purchased you have the opportunity to license the software on two personal computers.

This unique licensing feature will allow you to use MindGenius at work and at home, or wherever you may be with your laptop.

Installing on a Portable USB Device

MindGenius requires access to the computer operating system in order to install and run, this is because the installation writes values to the operating system registry.

Whilst it is possible to specify a portable device such as a portable hard drive as the install location, the application will not run unless the drive is connected to the computer used to install the software.

You cannot install the software on a portable drive and then run the software on another computer due to both technical and licensing restrictions.

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