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Linking Maps to Branches

Existing MindGenius maps can be attached to a branch and launched from within the application.

Attaching maps makes them accessible from the same place and avoids you having to search for the file before opening it.

To attach a map to a branch:

  1. Select a branch to attach the map to.
  2. Switch to the “Insert” ribbon and select the “Attachments” command.
  3. Click the browse button and browse for a map to attach.
  4. Enter a description for the map (if no description is added the file name will be used.)
  5. Click “OK”.

To launch a map attached to a branch:

  • If a single map is attached, double click the MindGenius document icon.
  • If multiple maps are attached, click the attachment icon, then choose a map to launch.

Select a Branch to Attache the Map to

linking maps to branches

Switch to the Insert Ribbon and Select Attachments

linking maps to branches

Click “Browse” and Select the Map to Link

linking maps to branches