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Plan Recruitment With Mind Mapping

Recruiting the right talent into an organisation isn’t an easy process. Just because someone is a right fit for the role doesn’t mean they will be a right fit for the organisation or indeed, is the organisation and job role right for the individual.  An interview is a 2 way process. 

MindGenius can help you to plan prior to starting the selection process and during the interview stage as well.  ​

Mind Mapping:
Deciding to fill a new role could be a totally new position or in some cases is a replacement for someone leaving an organisation. In either case, this is a good opportunity to scope out and define the exact requirements which are best suited to the organisation at the present time. 
Scoping out the requirements for a role can easily be done in a mind map. This quick capture of requirements will help you prioritise what you are looking for and help you to write the job description. 
Once applications start to come in, you can map key skills outlined in candidate’s CVs and match against your requirements. This helps you narrow down a shortlist you would want to interview.
During interview’s you can capture information quickly and easily in the same mind map so you can refer to candidate’s answers later once you are narrowing down to offer stage.
Task Management:
Recruitment isn’t solely about capturing information and reviewing this information to offer a position.  There will be resultant tasks involved such as scheduling interviews and sending an offer out to the successful candidate. 
MindGenius combines mind mapping and task management which means you can manage the full recruitment process from start to finish in one file. 
Download MindGenius for free (no credit card required) for 14 days and use for managing all of your HR processes with the built in templates or quickly and easily build your own based on your processes.