Integrate your favourite project tools easily.

MindGenius Online helps to manage your projects, files and related information easily.

Our Favourites

MindGenius Online integrates easily with a host of different apps to bring your information to life

Microsoft Teams

Embed MindGenius Online into your Team's boards to collaborate on projects with your team.


Upload your images, files and documents to projects easily using Dropbox in the export tab.

Microsoft Project

You can use MindGenius Online then export your mindmaps and projects to Microsoft Project.


Choose custom backgrounds for your mindmap, taskboard and dashboard using our Unsplash integration.

Microsoft Outlook

Attach your emails by simply clicking and dragging them into branches on your map.

One Drive

Upload your images, files and documents to projects easily using OneDrive in the export tab.

Microsoft Word

Mindmaps aren't for everyone. Export your mindmaps and projects using Microsoft Word.


Export your Mindmaps and projects via PDF to send your work to anyone, anywhere.

MindGenius 20

Upload your your favourite MindGenius 20 maps to MindGenius Online to share and collaborate with your colleagues.

Google Drive

Import your own custom images, files and documents to projects easily using the OneDrive tab located in Export


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