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MindGenius is a cognitive power tool. It improves the way people create, plan, strategise and solve problems. In business, MindGenius can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Start With A Brainstorm

MindGenius makes it easy to brainstorm, then add structure to your ideas, visions, and plans. You can generate a huge volume of information and insights in a single mind map. ​

Then dive deep into the details with the aid of the Map Explorer – which lets you select one branch from your map to display and hide the others from view. It’s easy to switch back and forth between the big picture and the little details​

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A Brainstorm Can Lead To So Much More

Building a mind map is uniquely simple with MindGenius. After you’ve brainstormed awhile, it’s also simple to focus on your best ideas and most important information. Use the Category Dropper to tag the branches that should get special attention. Then use the Quick Filter to highlight those branches (and optionally hide all the rest).

If you’re planning a project, MindGenius includes multiple tools to enable successful outcomes – including the Gantt View, four Dynamic Views, and instant stakeholder reports.

If you’re running a business, the Solution Finder tool can help ensure richer strategic planning and better informed decision-making.

MindGenius not only helps you generate ideas and strategies, but also present them – in its native mind map format or through exporting to Microsoft Office applications.

Whether planning, problem-solving, or presenting, MindGenius equips you to do your best work.

When you begin a free MindGenius trial, we’ll provide a series of quick-start videos to help you start enjoying MindGenius benefits in your work as quickly as possible.

Let us show you how MindGenius can clarify your thinking, expand your creativity and sharpen your strategies