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MindGenius 2018 Here's What's New

Laura Cunningham

MindGenius is delighted to announce the launch of MindGenius 2018 with a host of exciting new features all designed to help you achieve your best.

Sleek New User Interface

The updated User Interface is sleeker with a new look and feel, making navigation through the product easier than ever before. In addition the template and picture libraries have been updated to offer inspiration when needed.

Enhanced Project Management

The project management capabilities within MindGenius have been expanded in a number of ways. Firstly, adding a project milestone has been made simpler and you can track progress easily with the ability to overlay up to 10 snapshots of your project at any given time onto
your Gantt chart, highlighting when and where project delivery differs from your original plan. Resource, priority and cost information is available straight from your Gantt chart as well as the ability to add task information directly from within the Gantt chart.

Simple Task Management

Task management is a breeze with MindGenius 2018 with task information such as due dates, resource allocation or deadlines displaying right on the branch in the map.

Introducing Dynamic Views

Dynamic views offer a new way of working with all of the information available in your mind map. Easily switch between your map, tasks and Gantt chart with all displaying the same information in different formats. This exciting new feature offers the ability to view your resource task allocation as Task Cards and switch between resource, priority and status to display all your current tasks.

Guided Brainstorming

Brainstorming is given structure with Solution Finder, a new feature designed for teams looking to solve a problem, plan a project or look for a new innovative solution to something. It’s a Guided Brainstorm which offers clarity to critical early stages of thinking and ensures actions chosen are likely to achieve the desired outcome.

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