Collaborate on mind maps and projects like never before. Try MindGenius for Microsoft Teams today.

Why use MindGenius in Teams?

Collaborative mind maps.

Work together with your colleagues on projects or mind maps.

Real time editing

See any changes that your team make to your map or project on the page as it happens.

Mind maps for meetings.

Make meetings with your team engaging by using mind maps.

Where to find us...

We are in the MS Teams app store. 

Simply go to apps and search for “MindGenius Online” and you’ll find us. From there you can add us to a team & get started.

Use Unsplash images to bring your Teams meeting to life.

To select an image from the Unsplash menu, go to your taskboard or mind map then select the image icon. 

From there, you can choose from up to millions of images.

Why use MindGenius in Teams?

With MindGenius in Teams, all product features are included. This means you can continue to plan projects, create mind maps and be creative while collaborating in real-time with your colleagues.

Take a look for yourself and start a free 14 day trial.

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