MindGenius Live Webinar with Microsoft Teams

We are delighted to announce that Microsoft has extended an invitation for us to demonstrate the exceptional advantages of integrating MindGenius within Microsoft Teams, making remote idea collaboration and online workshops incredibly effective. 

This webinar will highlight four key aspects: 

  • Achieving shared clarity on what needs achieved amongst team members 
  • Prioritizing tasks strategically to ensure optimal results for our efforts 
  • Transitioning smoothly from discussion to action. 
  • Having oversight and managing work-in-progress across multiple projects to ensure we deliver exceptional outcomes. 

The MindGenius-Microsoft Teams solution combines appropriate elements of Mind Mapping and Project Management methodologies, with Microsoft Teams robust collaboration capabilities; to deliver a powerful solution that: 

  • Facilitates remote collaboration on ideas and enhances the effectiveness of online workshops. 
  • Allows both a private space to think or a shared team workspace; where you control the visibility and accessibility of each project. 
  • Serves as a unified platform for collaboration, contribution, and learning, while empowering every participant to be heard, seen, and valued. 
  • Addresses real-world challenges in a straightforward manner, without unnecessary complexity. 

How do I sign up?

Easily! You can sign up following the link below and entering a few details. Mark your calendars and secure your spot at this event now by registering through the link provided below: 

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