Plan, manage and collaborate on any project, together.

MindGenius makes it easy to manage your projects from start to finish.

Create & assign tasks

Real-time updates

Manage deadlines

Task Management

MindGenius Online provides a visually engaging workspace
to share ideas and solve problems with your team


Your workspace for all your projects, tasks & information

All your work in one place; organised the way you want – just create tags to group things the way it works for you.

Start at the beginning

Lay the foundations of your project.

MindGenius Online starts you at the very beginning. Write down all the basic information of your project (project name, objectives, outcomes, etc.) so that you don’t miss anything out.

MindGenius Online provides a personalised portal
with easy access to all your projects, responsibilities and
related information, both for work and home.


Real-time updates.

MindGenius Online gives you and your team updates on your project as it happens so you can stick to deadlines and get your work done.

Project Management

Complete control over your projects

Use Tags, Tasks and Chat to see what’s going on in your project. Create tasks, assign them a priority and then delegate them to your team!

Project Planning

Your project, your way.

Not everyone likes seeing a project the same way. MindGenius Online allows you to use a mindmap, timeline or taskboard view to see how your project is getting on.

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