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MindGenius Online: Quick Start Guide

Here’s a Quick Start Guide for the key features. Simply select the images if you need to enlarge them. 

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Getting Started with MindGenius Online

If you select QuickMaps, you can use MindMaps to overcome challenges.  Whether it organizing an event, fully understanding a problem, managing an issue or capitalizing on an opportunity, MindMapping has been proven to help you find viable solutions.

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Its starts as a personal brainstorm, where you write down as much as you know about the challenge you are faced with. Mind Mapping allows you to add information and knowledge as it becomes available without ever having to worry about re-writing it or reformatting. 

As its highly visual, you are able to easily spot what is and isn’t there, make connections that wouldn’t normally be obvious, overcome complexity and convince yourself of a need for a solution. 

Mind Maps make it easy to share your thoughts with your team and solicit their views and input as to what needs done. 

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Creating a new Project

Opening a Project

Using the MindGenius Hub Taskboard

Using Shortcuts, Map Explorer and "Drag & Drop"

Using Map Properties

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