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Prefect Meeting Agenda

This template can be used to set the agenda of your next prefect meeting. Record your meeting minutes with the map and share with the whole team.

Prefect Meeting Agenda Template

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1. Prefect Meeting Agenda
 1.1. Meeting Purpose
 1.2. Attendance
    1.2.1. Head Prefects
    1.2.2. Deputy Head Prefects
    1.2.3. Prefects
 1.3. Reminder of last meeting minutes
 1.4. Discussion Points
    1.4.1. Duty Structure
   Common room
   Playground patrol  
   Common room
   1st sitting
   2nd sitting 
   Litter duty 
    1.4.2. Assemblies
    1.4.3. Mentoring
    1.4.4. Extracurricular
 1.5. Actions
 1.6. AOB
 1.7. Meeting Notes